Umgeni River Bird Park

Positioned along the Umgeni River with it’s own waterfall and lush vegetation as a backdrop, the Umgeni River Bird Park is a great place to visit during your stay in Durban.

The size of the park is adequate, you can spend a few hours here and still have time for another activity which is great when you want to maximise on your holiday experiences with limited time. We’ve grown up in Durban and visited the park probably twice before, so we didn’t have high expectations for our family outing with our toddler. Much to our surprise, we had a wonderful time at a reasonable price.

Free Flight Show

The park has shows from Tuesday to Sunday that starts at 11am and 2pm and lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this show you will get to meet a few interesting species that will fly over your head and walk between audience members. The talk is informative and fun.

Bird Feeding

Parakeet Feeding at the Umgeni River Bird Park. When purchasing your entrance tickets, you can also buy swan pellets and a small container of liquid to feed the parakeets. Both items are cheap. I tried the swan pellets but they weren’t interested in it as they have an abundance of pellets in their feeding trough. On the other hand, buying the Umgeni River Bird Park - Paraket Feedingparakeet food is well worth it. You enter their atrium and they will perch on you while feeding on the contents of the container. They can be a bit messy though but it’s part of the experience.
There are many species of birds in the park but I did notice that the park doesn’t have ostriches, larger birds of prey like eagles or vultures (Probably due to budget issues). If you’re specifically looking for these birds then try the Falcon Ridge – Bird of Prey Centre in the Drakensberg. They don’t have their own website but you can contact them on 082 774 6398.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful. Please leave a comment about your experience at the park to help others planning their trip to Durban.

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