Passing it on

Food is an integral part of our culture & family recipes are being forgotten. Lost in time because the next generation couldn’t spare a moment so that our grandparents could pass the baton to us. We’re rapidly replacing our cultural heritage with fast food.

Passing it on is a project to document our heritage. To allow the older generation to leave a culinary legacy.

Hosted by Reena Govender & Michelle Naicker. It was started in October 2018, it has grown to over 3000 followers. Our largest audience being South Africa but we also have followers in the UK, Australia, US, UAE, etc.

Passing It on has its own Facebook page, YouTube channel & website.

What’s for lunch?

Elaine Gengiah started as a guest cook on Passing it on, she now has her own show with Michelle Naicker as the host which specializes in helping people with ideas for lunch. Lunch can be so boring, Elaine gives us an idea for how we can spice it up with a variety of salads and fillings. You can find “What’s for lunch?” on our Facebook page & Youtube channel.