Peppa Pig Live In SA!

This morning, the family went for the Peppa Pig Show at the Play House. As you would expect, the kids loved it. So in that respect, it’s worth it. The show isn’t too long as well, roughly 1.5 hours with intermission.

Tickets are approximately R200 each which is understandable. However, paying R30 for a packet of popcorn is a bit Peppa Pig Live in SA!ridiculous. That being said, there’s always overpriced novelties at all these shows. Let me give credit where it’s due, their idea to incorporate the light up wand in the show was a stroke of genius. When we arrived, I didn’t bother with it. By the intermission, I went out and paid R100 for one. Insanely expensive for something that has no Peppa pig branding. It’s the same thing that can be purchased from China Mall at next to nothing. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed when a piece broke off and flew into the crowd while my daughter was waving it around. It only lasted 10mins, piece of junk. Thereafter I noticed how many other kids were holding wands that broke in the same way.

There’s a cardboard cutout of the characters near the entrance for photos to be taken.

After the show, don’t rush out. It took us 30mins to exit the parking lot. Instead, have some coffee in the foyer. Maybe even walk across the Natural Science Museum.

That being said, it’s a good outing for the family. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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