Paradise Valley

Paradise ValleyBeneath the bustling N3 freeway is a well-known nature reserve called Paradise Valley. The reserve is particularly popular because it’s a stone’s throw from the city and yet offers many trails in lush forest and a spacious picnic site. The picnic site is situated close to the entrance and is alongside the Umbilo river which runs through the reserve.

Entrance fees are R15 per adult and R11 per child (3-15 years). Pensioners are R9 each. There’s a boma that can be hired for R99 as well if you wish to have a “somewhat private” function. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter.

Some of the shorter trails are wider than most reserves which allows larger groups to use it without feeling cramped. The trails range from 800m to 4km so there’s something for every fitness level.

One of the main features of Paradise Valley is the waterfall which isn’t too far away from the picnic site. Be sure to lookout for the eagles nest that can be seen on a treetop near the waterfall.

Paradise Valley is a great day outdoors for the family. Make sure you get there early, even though there’s ample space to have a picnic or braai, it can get busy during the holidays. Perhaps call the office first to avoid disappointment.

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