My Little Picasso, Cornubia Mall

If your child loves to paint then My Little Picasso is for you. Instead of offering the usual Jungle Gym facilities, the owners decided to focus on catering for the creative child.

There’s various canvas sizes available. You choose one that suits your budget then the assistant helps your child to choose colours for the colour palette. Your child sits at a little easel and paints on the chosen canvas. It’s very cute but probably not for a child with boundless energy that you’re trying to burn out. Honestly, the same thing can be done at home but atmosphere makes it exciting. They even get to keep the apron.

There’s also a sand art table if you don’t want to go the canvas route.

If you’ve ever felt the need to go nuts and throw paint around then this is the place. There’s a splash wall where you can just throw paint at the wall.

All in all, it’s a good concept and something different to the usual facilities offered to kids. My daughter loved it.

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