Microlight Flight over the Dolphin Coast

Ballito MicrolightMy wife and I wanted to do a microlight flight for a while and eventually booked the flight with Ballito Microlight School which is north of Durban.

A microlight close up, resembles something that Macgyver would put together using a tricycle, hang-glider and lawn mower to get out of a tight situation. So why would you want to try something like this? Because there’s nothing like it. Unlike an aeroplane or helicopter tour, it’s open. You feel the wind in your face and it’s just you and this amazing 360 degree view in every axis. You look down at your foot and see the ground below it. It’s simply breathtaking.

Each microlight takes one passenger and three can go at a time. There are generally three options available. A 15 minute inland flight, a 20 minute flight which is inland and over the ocean and a 30 minute flight which is an extended version of option two. We would suggest either the 20 or 30 minute flight which flies over the shoreline. Apparently you could get lucky and see marine life like dolphins or mantas. We weren’t that lucky during our flight though. Nonetheless, flying along the shore is awesome.

You’re in constant communication with the pilot during the flight through you headset and can hear themMicrolight over the dolphin coast
communicate with the tower which I found interesting. The pilots make the experience fun as well. For example, they will ask you if you like roller coasters and if you do then they’ll do a few “dives” during the decent which is quite exciting. Probably not for everyone though.

The flights are provisionally booked as it’s weather permitting. You need to call them that morning to confirm as bookings can get cancelled due to strong winds so have a plan B ready. Remember to carry your camera and a jacket as it can get nippy up there.

If you’re adventurous and love the outdoors then this is a great activity during your trip. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

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