Canoeing on the Umgeni River

Canoeing on the Umgeni River

The Blue Lagoon is a famous braai spot but not many people have tried canoeing on the Umgeni River. Canoeing can be booked from the green hub office. You will be taken to the canoe club at the end of Blue Lagoon to get your gear.

Be prepared to get a little wet, especially when getting on and off the boats. We expected the water to be deeper. In most areas it’s fairly shallow. You may have to push off sandbanks in some areas.canoeing on the umgeni river

Canoeing along the estuary can be a lot of fun, especially for bird watchers. Spot the resident fish eagles, kingfishers and a host of other birdlife. My favourite are the pelicans. You don’t realize how big they are until you see them up close.

The pollution can be disappointing, from the shore you don’t realize the impact of pollution until you’re on the river. It’s especially bad after heavy rains when trash gets washed down stream into the estuary.

It’s a fun activity for the moderately adventurous. Ideally suited to couples and small groups that don’t want to break the bank.

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