Can our pets reveal how we want to be loved?

For some strange reason, I have an annoying habit of daydreaming about past relationships and trying to deduce the root cause of failure. There I’d be, innocently watching a soppy rom-com when all of a sudden a picture of a long lost lover appears in my head and whoosh! There I go! Straight down the rabbit hole of relationship autopsies.

It was on one such expedition that I made a remarkably lucid discovery. Star signs are utter nonsense!  The month of birth has no control whatsoever on the success of a partnership. Surely two people born on the same day will not want the same things or share the same character traits. If this weren’t true then life would be much easier! Reactions would be predictable, the “chase” in the hunt for love would be smooth sailing and match-making would boil down to the date of birth. Preposterous! There is a far more sinister, unassuming factor at work, which will ultimately lead to happiness or eternal damnation. Cats and dogs!!

I know it sounds ludicrous, but bear with me as I try to reveal the mystery of the subliminal effect that your pet has had on you. As strange as it may seem, cats and dogs are a true indication of the traits the owner may possess and in turn, would be looking for in a partner.

Ever wondered why a dog is man’s best friend? Or why do women have so many feline attributes? I believe the answer lies in the animals we chose as our pets. My theory is that the pet we grew up with, the one we entrusted our little secrets to, the one we hugged when we were afraid or down – the reaction of that ball of fur; that is what we look for in a partner. That is the reason why we act the way we act around a prospective partner, and in turn, it has shaped the responses we expect to receive. We have been conditioned to accept a certain level of emotion and our pets are responsible for this.

Let’s take the following generic character description of our two favourite pets, which should be more than applicable for any target population. Dogs are known to be exceptionally loyal, unconditionally loving, forever seeking attention, friendly, caring, understanding and non-judgemental. Cats, on the other hand, are independent, nonchalant, strategic planners, “rub themselves all over you when they want attention and disappear once they’ve got what they wanted,” and of course, are really clean.

Now think for a moment. Of all the men that you know, how many of them have had dogs as pets during their childhood? And what of women? By now you see the comparison I’m trying to bring forth. The majority of the male population will agree with me when I say that all we need is food, shelter, TV and a place to sleep (some would be inclined to include a tummy rub).  Females, like their feline companions, would prefer to be left to their own devices and will most certainly let you know when they want your undivided attention.

So by now if I’ve managed to raise your eyebrow, the next question you should ask is,” What does this have to do with dating?”

Depending on the type of pet your date likes, you can safely assume that they will be less likely to give you the boot if you display similar traits. I’ve dated a woman who loves dogs and another who loves cats. The differences were blatantly obvious.

Cat-woman was a no-nonsense, strict and somewhat “cold at the start, warm towards the end”, who had no trouble smiling when she saw me reach for the bill – while Dog-lady was funny, engaging and didn’t mind being a goof! Now yes, I know that not every example will be as crystal clear but do some homework for yourself and you will see that at the very least, there is some applicable information you can keep handy should the situation present itself.

 The key is to understand what kind of animal you are and what you emotionally expect from your partner. Sometimes we wonder why things aren’t working and often it’s because we can’t seem to understand what we want from each other. Truthfully, we all may not be just one or the other. We’ll have a vast number of traits of one with a minority of the other. Taking the time to identify where the majority of your partner’s animal traits lie should go a long way towards ensuring you two don’t end up fighting like cats and dogs.

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