The best snorkeling site for beginners near Durban

A little known gem on the KZN coastline is Chaka’s Rock tidal pool in Salt Rock. The great thing about this pool is the abundance and variety of fish, coral and other creatures. It’s large enough for people to snorkel without feeling cramped. The depth varies so whether you’re an avid swimmer or unable to swim, it’s possible to still enjoy the underwater splendor. Fish are everywhere, just ly in the shallow area with your Goggles and you’ll see them.

Parking is fairly limited here so try to get there early during the holiday period. It’s a protected site hence if you’re considering fishing or collecting for your saltwater aquarium, forget it! It’s strictly prohibited.

Dont have your own gear? Just pop by the local Game to buy a set. If you would rather hire a set and have a guided snorkeling tour with professionals, then you might want to consider contacting Tao Tidal that runs regular snorkel tours at this site. They even offer a night snorkeling experience. Few would dare to venture into the ocean at night but being able to snorkel in the safety of a rock pool with a guide is sure to be amazing.

Still not convinced? Check out our video of Chaka’s Rock.

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